Month: December 1969

Razer Book 13 review: a flawed productivity masterpiece

Razer’s new laptop is a design marvel. But, it falls just short of beating all comers at its first attempt

Shame, suicide and the dodgy loan apps plaguing Google’s Play Store

Instant loan apps have boomed in India during the pandemic. First they lend people money, then they harass and publicly shame them until they can’t cope anymore

How the future of work can be more collaborative

In a new ebook created with WIRED, Cisco thought leaders explore how the future of work has shifted and why collaborative technology is business critical

The future of fertility

Merck's remote monitoring platform is bringing clinical care to patients undergoing fertility treatments, whenever and wherever they need it

This is how law enforcement gets around your phone’s encryption

Research reveals the holes in Android and iOS that allow anyone with the right tools to dig inside

Just got Apple Music? Here’s how to keep your Spotify playlists

Whether Apple Music was bundled with your phone contract or you were lured in by an Apple One subscription, you’ll want to hang onto those precious Spotify playlists

Deplatforming works, but it’s not enough to fix Facebook and Twitter

The research suggests that banning certain users on Twitter and Reddit does help cut down hateful content – but it raises other concerns

The power of place with ISG

ISG’s chief operating officer, Matt Blowers joins WIRED editor Greg Williams to explore how shifts in human behaviour are impacting the workplace and what this means for businesses and their people in a new era

Get ready for the internet to become less free than ever

In 2021, we have to acknowledge that the internet is not the free space it was originally envisaged to be

Here’s what it will take to vaccinate 14 million people by mid-February

The government has set itself the target of vaccinating two million people every week, but everything will have to go perfectly for that to work

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