Month: December 1969

Blockchain could soon make it impossible to sell a stolen Rolex

The authentication process for watches is archaic, still done using warranty cards and paper certificates. Blockchain will transform the nature of watch ownership

Inside the sad, rapid collapse of the UK’s cinema industry

Delays have forced big cinema chains to cut their opening hours or shut down entirely. When new films do finally come out, will there be anywhere left to show them?

The grim demise of the cinema industry

Coming up today: Natasha investigates the UK’s broken housing algorithm, Matt Burgess reveals how universities are snooping on students and Amit witnesses The grim demise of the cinema industry.

Xbox Series X hands-on preview: slick, speedy and silent

Impressive backwards compatibility features also bode well for the Xbox Series X in its tussle with Sony’s PS5

The £549 OnePlus 8T is stuck in the middle and that’s no bad thing

A £550 OnePlus with most of the specs of the top flagship? Sign us up

Here’s the iPhone 12 and all the other tech Apple just announced

Apple just dropped the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, a new HomePod mini and some fancy new MagSafe tech

The (actually) good Prime Day deals in the UK

WIRED Recommends the best Prime Day deals in headphones, laptops, phones, TV, gaming, smartwatches and more

A powerful iPhone jailbreak also cracks Apple’s Mac security chip

The Checkm8 vulnerability, which could jailbreak generations of iPhones, has now been used against the company’s T2 security chip. And the flaw is unfixable

Covid-19 has resurrected the woeful tech of home printers

Thanks to lockdowns and home schooling, the unloved, unreliable and often unfathomable piece of consumer technology that is the home printer is popular once more – even with tattoo artists

Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis raised a storm of misinformation chaos

Research has found Donald Trump is the key driver of coronavirus misinformation. When it comes to his health condition, it's business as usual

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