The strange world of food portions

GDPR hits British Airways, the tricky politics of lithium mining, and does anyone believe a packet of crisps contains more than one portion?

How artificial intelligence is influencing creativity at this year’s Sónar Festival

Musicians have found new ways to incorporate developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning into their performances. At Sónar Festival, a few artists are experiment with Artificial intelligence’s influence on creativity.

The Bentley EXP 100 GT is part-EV, part-autonomous wellness retreat

Bentley has imagined what the ultimate luxury EV could look like in 2035 with a 435-mile range and 186mph top speed. It’s a futuristic wellness centre on wheels, but it also smells of moss

Google and Amazon are settling their streaming beef: YouTube’s coming to Fire TV

After months of disagreement, you’ll soon be able to get YouTube on Fire TV again, plus Google’s Chromecast and Android TV will support Prime Video

A simple fix could have saved British Airways from its £183m fine

Poor IT infrastructure caused British Airway’s 2018 data breach. Now, the Information Commissioner’s Office is planning on fining it £183 million. It could have been prevented

Every Spider-Man film, ranked

We rank all twelve official Spider-Man films out there – dating way all the way back to the 1977 film edit of the live-action TV series. We’re nothing if not thorough

The fastest road bikes from 2019’s Tour de France (that you can buy)

One of the beautiful things about cycling is that you can ride the same routes as the greats, on the same bikes. These bikes

The return of Netflix’s Stranger Things

Europe’s heatwave, police and facial recognition, and Stranger Things

Only China can save Tesla from missing its 2019 production goals

Tesla just has its best production quarter ever. But Elon Musk has bigger targets for the rest of 2019. Tesla’s new China gigafactory may come to its rescue

Scientists prove climate change made Europe’s heatwave worse

Major European heatwaves are hotter and more likely than they were a century ago, Chinese police are installing spyware on the phones of travellers to Xinjiang

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