Friday briefing: DoorDash breach exposes 4.9 million users

Millions of DoorDash users and drivers’ account details and addresses were hacked in May, TikTok inappropriately censors content around the world

Thursday briefing: Without action, sea levels could rise by over a metre by 2100

The latest IPCC report predicts a minimum sea level rise of 30cm by the end of the century, Tibetans are the target of bleeding-edge smartphone malware

Wednesday briefing: ECJ rules that the right to be forgotten only applies in Europe

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the right of erasure from search results only applies within the EU, controversial WeWork boss Adam Neumann has stepped down

Tuesday briefing: Governments largely ignore youth and scientific climate demands at UN conference

Leading nations put forward disappointing pledges to combat climate change despite compelling demands from activists, Kik has shut down its messaging app

China’s social credit system is coming for businesses too

The personal social credit system in China has already stopped the sale of roughly 26 million train and plane tickets. Soon, businesses will have to follow a stringent list of 300 requirements or also risk being blacklisted

The iOS 13 privacy settings you should change right now

Wether you’re after granular location preferences or blocking spam callers, here are all the privacy features you should take note of in iOS 13

The art of luxury in an autonomous age

Listen to podcast one of a three-part special with Bentley, which looks at how luxury, sustainability and technology will play a part in the future of the ultra-luxury automotive market

What next for WeWork? How Adam Neumann can fix his bungled IPO

Beset by doubts from investors, the WeWork has delayed its IPO. If it wants to restore confidence, it’ll have to fix its corporate structure and decide whether it’s really a tech company

Sonos Move review: A superb but pricey portable speaker

The excellent new multi-room speaker seems as at home indoors as it does outside in the garden. Despite a few small niggles, this really is the portable Sonos we have been waiting (a long time) for

Tuesday briefing: Transgenic mosquitoes are breeding in Brazil

Genetically modified mosquitoes created by a British biotech firm found breeding in the wild, the Google Pixel 4 launches in October

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