How AI powered LG ThinQ points to a more advanced future smart home

For years the biggest names in tech have launched TVs, speakers and appliances at the Berlin trade show IFA. Now, all eyes are on how smart home devices can be made into the next generation of indispensable, genuinely helpful, systems

Inside Björk’s scrappy five year quest to release a VR album

As Vulnicura VR hits Steam, Björk and her creative director James Merry take us through their virtual reality escapades from 2015 to now.

Gambling firms can’t cope with how VAR is changing football

VAR is confusing fans and enraging players and managers. But it could help level the playing field for people betting on football, as gambling firms race to adjust their algorithms

Seven things we learned from Edward Snowden’s new book

Edward Snowden has published his memoir, Permanent Record. Here are some key takeaways from the title

Thursday briefing: Water detected on habitable-zone planet 110 light years away

A distant super-Earth has atmospheric water, McDonald’s has bought an AI voice recognition startup to take Drive Thru orders

The iPhone 11 vs the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

This is far from a major iPhone upgrade so – spoiler alert – the £729 iPhone 11 compares quite favourably to its more expensive rivals.

11 interesting things we learned from Apple’s iPhone launch event

It’s not all about the iPhone. Apple also announced updates to the iPad, and Apple Watch, as well as details about its new streaming service that could have Netflix a little worried

Biodegradable clothes may fix fashion’s huge waste problem

Designer Rachel Clowes has made sequins that sparkle for a few wears and then safely biodegrade, so wearers aren’t just storing junk in their wardrobe

Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy is straight out of Nixon’s Cold War playbook

Game theory can teach us a lot about Johnson’s Brexit negotiating strategy

It’s just got a lot harder to spot a fake Rolex. Here’s what to look for

Counterfeit watches are no longer easy to identify. Fake timepieces now have previously unseen levels of sophistication. However, there are still subtle clues to tell the knock-offs from the genuine articles

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